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 Promotion Request

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PostSubject: Promotion Request   Promotion Request Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2012 4:31 am

•Your RGC Username: jr♥️
What are some of your skills?: I good in playing Support by Roaming, with GB, and i play for Killer , lane mid can push for 8 the lane..
How can you contribute to the group?: I will do my best to bring more people or good player that deserving to join and play, and Ban : Leaver,Spammer,AntiGamer and MH users....
Links to any contributions If any: None at this time
Reason why you want to join?: I want to join here Because i want to be a part of this , and i will show how loyal i am....
Why do you deserve to be Staff?: i deserve this because i a Staff also and Any channels, i can handle the cases in game, or about in Forums..

Miscellaneous Questions

•Name: Cesar
In one paragraph, describe your personality: I am Friendly, Obedience , Respectful,Trusting to others and i love playing DOTA..
Rate your grammar, on a scale from 1-10: 8
How active are you on the computer?: I'm only in the house so that i'm active for 7-10 hours....
Do you act differently on the internet, than you do in real life: Yes, because 70% of my do in my life is Playing Internet Games,and the other is For Studies and helping my Parents. that's All..

For Admin request or Voucher .
Hope will Accept, Thanks for Understanding.... Smile
Regards to Thorgod!, and to all...

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Promotion Request
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