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 Staff Recuirement

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PostSubject: Staff Recuirement   Staff Recuirement Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2012 6:24 am

Now Recruiting

The USA Staff
The USA a group of high quality members who will work together to make RGC a better place. We will mainly cover the "Banning Leavers/afk-ers/Game ruin-ers & Map Hackers" . However, we also help new members and enjoy time in the group with one another. The USA STAFF are expected to act maturely forum-wide, with no exceptions. We do not approve of trolling, and members who flame constantly. Members who are unable to keep a positive image, and reputation for our group will be kicked immediately.

Recruitment is now open, with 5 job available:

Job description : Banning Leavers/afk-ers/Game ruin-ers & Map hackers & Advertising for the room & hightlight people & observe game chat

Selected candidates will get "Moderator & Voucher (depends on the exerpience) (Rank will be on both forum/RGC) access initially and a chance to be promoted further to Admin etc in future, depending on the efficiency.

Start filling out your applications here.
Please provide True information.

•Must be a member of RGC for at least 1 Month
Must have a low warning level
No spamming/low quality.
No open/unresolved scam reports.
You may have negative reputations but they will be reviewed on a case to case basis.

Application Form

•Your RGC Username:
What are some of your skills?:
How can you contribute to the group?:
Links to any contributions If any:
Reason why you want to join?:
Why do you deserve to be Staff?:

Miscellaneous Questions

In one paragraph, describe your personality:
Rate your grammar, on a scale from 1-10:
How active are you on the computer?:
Do you act differently on the internet, than you do in real life?:

What to do after you apply
1. Do not private message leaders if your application hasn't been dealt with.
2. If you have any questions feel free to post them here.
3. Every application will be dealt with in a timely manner.
4. If declined feel free to reapply later unless instructed otherwise.
5. If accepted read all of the stickies before posting.
6. Do not apply VIA RGC nor Egyptian forum pms or you will be declined.

Remember joining this group is strictly a privilege, leaders are not obligated to accept new members. Applications will be reviewed in time and selection will be more strict. If you're not selected, just re-apply another time.

Good Luck All of You
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Staff Recuirement
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