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 USA Rules !

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USA Rules ! Empty
PostUSA Rules !

USA League Rules
•If you break any of the following rules (in all sections of the rules), you will be banned or unvouched.
•Stay friendly and mannered at all times while chatting, posting on forums etc.
•Don't insult anyone - flaming is NOT tolerated on USA.
•All communication MUST be in English at all times on the site, in games (and the game lobby)
•Try to post threads on the forums in the correct section - if you are unsure which is the correct section, post it in "General - Offtopic".
•Registering, owning or using more than one account on USA is FORBIDDEN. Multiaccounting will result in a permanent ban.
•Misleading a team or an admin will be punished.
•No hacks are allowed, i.e MapHack etc. Using hacks will result in a permanent ban.
•No pornographic, racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive text or pictures are allowed in profiles or anywhere on the site.
•Flaming admins or ignoring admin warnings will not be tolerated and should you chose to disregard this rule, the admin who warned you may give you.

Team Captain Rules
Why should you have a team captain rank over USA ?You can now have a higher/better chance to take over the blue/pink slot and lead the way.Can anyone do that ?Only if, and strictly if you have a "Team Captain" rank over the client.How can this be identified ?A team captain has a Black BOLD RANK color over the client.What if their are many team captains in that game ?The faster you get in, the higher the chances are for you to lead.
•Example #1, a team captain enters a game whereby both blue and pink slots are already taken and both having team captain rank in that game, you can only ask politely if you can take their place, no further negotiations !
•Example #2, a team captain enters a game whereby both blue and pink slots are already taken, and only blue has a team captain rank while pink doesn't and is a normal member, you can swap with him directly, and take the lead as pink.
•Example #3, you are a team captain over USA having a blue/pink slot, some user comes in and swaps you, kindly please do not rage and flame, but help us minimize abusers who are abusing their commands by simply posting in our "Report Abusers" section.
Prizes Rules

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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USA Rules !

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